Saturday, July 15, 2006

When I first moved to Richmond two of the biggest bands around were Hgual and Groove. Well, they were playing their last show at the premiere venue of the time, the Metro, and a brand spanking new band was opening. I had heard good things and when they actually started making noise I stood in amazement. Ipecac was born.

These first three songs are off the first 7" and feature the original line-up of Nathan Webb on Bass, Tommy Anthony on Drums, Robert Kelshian on Guitar, and A. Thomas Crawley on Vocals.

Aversion To Maturity
Deemed A Genius
The Self-Detonating Nuclear Family

Here's the first Demo(n). Same line-up as the 7"

Bitter Citizen Part I

Miss Justice
Sugar and Lice
A Throne's View of Royalty

The next one is off their split 7" with Opposition. They added David DiDonato on Second Guitar for this one.


The last one was for an Ebullition Records comp, Amnesia. Same line up as Hysterical.

The Ditcher


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