Friday, July 28, 2006

Typecast was always a mysterious group. I remember one time I saw them at the Biograph way back when Scott got it reopened and started doing shows again. Now it's Hyperlink. I remember they filled the air of the place with Patchouli oil out of those old-fashioned bug spray atomizers. There was as much patchouli "smoke" in the crowd as there was cigarette smoke. Another time they were playing with that band, Assuck, and John E. Blade vacuumed a turd out of Craig Fulstax ass. While they were all wearing gold hockey masks.Fucking bizarre.

Here's the first ep with the original line-up of John E. Blade and Creight Fulstax on vocals, Eugene X and Sri Boober on guitars, Hare Erc on bass, and His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Trivett on drums:

Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Beatdown In Monroe
Black Sheep Are Still Sheep
So Much Pussy
The Only Good Tow Truck Driver (Is A Dead Tow Truck Driver)
Long Distance Dedication/Educational Programming

For the second record, they pulled some shit and released So Much Pussy Again, the exact same version, but with a new backwards guitar solo, and Box Coffin on the B-side. Box Coffin just sounds like some scream track with no music. Whatever. No info on who was in the band. In fact I wouldn't know the names of the songs if they weren't inscribed on the vinyl. The cover had a meat grinder grinding out a bunch of "naughty Calvins" armed with baseball bats, wrenches and guns. You know like Calvin and Hobbes when Calvin's expression gets all evil when he's up to no good...I heard they played a show at this warehouse in Jackson Ward around the time of the release of this record where John E. Blade and His Divine Grace came out each with a flag on fire hanging from his asshole, one the stars and stripes, the other the stars and bars while Eugene X was playing the Star-Spangled Banner and The Very Hon. Bro. Rev. Jarvis Overlord, MD, PhD, DDS was playing Dixie. They supposedly stole both flags from Oregon Hill, back when they still had rebel flags there. I think they even covered Hair Of The Dog that night...

So Much Pussy '97
Box Coffin

The last record had a much pared down line-up after John E. Blade allegedly stabbed a band member at a show in Blacksburg, VA with XBandX. Not just any band member, a member of Typecast. John E. Blade and Eugene X on vocals, Eugene X on guitar, Hare Erc on Bass, and HDGACBVCST on drums. Another rip off as it has two of the same songs off the first record.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol
The Only Good Tow Truck Driver (Is A Dead Tow Truck Driver)
Bloodbath In Shafer


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The stabbing was done with a sickle, if I remember correctly. I forget who had the hammer. Was there a personal trampoline involved? My memory is hazy.

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