Saturday, July 15, 2006

Two years after I moved to Richmond the band I was convinced was going to take me to the top of the music heap was over. We had never really gotten too far off the ground in the first place, though we did have a pretty fun tour of the South, and even made it onto a few college radio charts. We had all lived together in the same house and after the guitarist left the band he moved out of the house as well. Into his room another guitarist (Martin Deal) moved and the drummer, Sean Sutphin, and I started playing with him. This new band was much less poppy and in fact was pretty gross, brutal hardcore. Our other roommate, Michele Arthur, jammed with us on a home recording before our friend, Ben White started singing full time. Our first show was at the Citizen's Gallery, an unfortunately short-lived underground Richmond venue, with Universal Order of Armageddon and Jaks. So here are some songs for your listening pleasure:


Track 01
Wired Shut
Little Brother Is Watching (You)
Money Shot
Track 05
Champion Of Mediocrity
Rooftop Of The World And Another Song Whose Name I Forget
Track 08
The Light That Shone Brighter Than Jesus
If You Dont Have Anything Nice To Say Don't Say Anything At All

Sorry that the following links are broken, but I no longer have the records...

Ed's Steakhouse
Bomb Pop

Painfully Obvious
Close To Far Away
Fence Song


Blogger BLACK OPERATIONS said...

right in front of me i have your demo tape ... i was just listening to it and thought i'd do a search to see if anything came up about the band ... i got the tape off one of the band in '96 when my old band voorhees played a basement gig with you in richmond ... hatebreed also played that little basement! they got pretty big eh!

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