Saturday, July 15, 2006

This next post continues the tradition of me blatantly promoting my own bad self. Black Emmanuelle. Some of you know it as another in a long line of Skinemax late night flicks, others may have crowded into the Hole In The Wall and held your hands over your ears and wondered why the bassist needed 3 2x15 bass cabinets for a venue smaller than most folks' apartments. Well, sometimes you just need to hear the bass. This is the original line-up of DiDonato on guitar/vocals, me on bass, and drummer extraordinaire Trivett Wingo on the skins (Jeff Winterberg is in the photos but not on the 4-track...). While David and I languish in obscurity (and probably rightly so for me), Jeff published a photo book and Trivett has gone on to play with The Sword, who are getting some play on MTV even. It was bizarre looking on the MTV news site and seeing a picture of him with the famous MTV mike giving an interview for Headbangers Ball. Everything comes full circle, cause when I was a teenager I'd flip back and forth between Cinemax and Headbangers Ball every Friday night. If it was Dark Angel or Gothic Slam MTV stayed on, but when they would play that shitty ass Cinderella song with dukes playing piano by the lake it was time for some boobies.

Theme From Black Emmanuelle
Defibrillator Girl
Jaded Elephant
Livin' Fat
Standing By A Heater
The Cloud Song
Low Budget


Blogger Greg Neate said...

it's crazy i'm actually going to check the metallica show out (w/ the sword) at verizon center. i saw their setlist from ozzfest and it was all the old classic shit which i pretty much listened to before anything else around 5th and 6th grade. and yeah totally i used to watch the fuck out of headbanger's ball every friday night except when it got infested with temple of the dog (don't get me wrong i do like some "grunge" classifiable bands)

7:16 AM  
Blogger Greg Neate said...

ok i went to the sword show at rock and roll hotel instead with year long disaster

9:49 PM  

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