Saturday, July 15, 2006

The next group comes out of a time when bands tried to out heavy one another. Richmond bands wanted to be the next Melvins or Fudge Tunnel. Formed as something to do while their friends were playing Dungeons and Dragons in the dorms, Fifteen on the 15 were the tinniest band ever. I think at one point Pat even had a pedal named the Tinny Treble Booster. While usually a cover band, they did some original music as well including "Do The Stormtroopers Know It's Christmas?" for the Whirled Records Christmas tape which was a benefit for Food Not Bombs. Line up is JT Yost on Accordian, Pat Cavanaugh on Banjo, and David DiDonato on Ukelele.

Black Dog
Crazy Train
Do The Stormtroopers Know It's Christmas?
Glory Days
Sex Type Thing
Tom Sawyer
The Final Countdown
I Would For You
Too Much Time On My Hands
The Rose
I Love Flamenco
Cult Of Personality
Reign In Blood
Living On A Prayer
She Used 2B Younger
Tough, But In A Gay Way
Mosquito: The Answering Machine Message
Helter Skelter, Part I
Helter Skelter, Part II
Helter Skelter, Part III


Anonymous joel said...

I have some live 15 photos. I will send em your way.

4:41 PM  
Blogger The Holy Yost said...

When we gave Patrick the 'Tinny Treble Booster" it immediately stopped working as soon as he plugged his banjo into it. We took it to some music store (I forget the name) to be fixed, and it's still there as far as I know. We would call periodically, but they just never got around to it, I guess.
If your ears need raping, I have a CD of every single song ever recorded by 15 on the 15. That includes a song recorded on an answering machine.

8:56 AM  
Blogger John Swart said...


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