Thursday, July 06, 2006

Before The Bunny Rabbits I played in Kojak who had a many and varied career in playing post-hardcore/post-emo/current-noise rock. I mainly played guitar (like on these songs) with Jason Hodges on Bass and Barry Cover on Drums.

The Apparatus
The Porpoise Of My Soul Is Going To Kill You
Trophy Bride
Kill Your Inner Leech
Pants Down And Defenseless
Gynecological Smorgasbord
America Is Gym Class
Drinking In Bed
A Fruitless Effort
Diary Of A Drug Find
Dead Eye Dick
Sleeping Navigator
The Star Spangled Shark Is Eating My Cock

On the following tracks I played bass which is more my forte, while Jason switched over to guitar. He did all the main vocals with Barry doing the back-ups and me screaming occasionally.

My DNA Has Turned Against Me
My Dick Has Two Cute Little Arms
Most Murderous
Driving My Car Into A Tornado
Hot Love

Jason also does CNP Records which puts out some of the finest noisy weirdo rock that this country has to offer.


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