Saturday, July 15, 2006

As I mentioned in a previous post, side projects were a main part of the musical creativity my friends and I exhibited. The following three songs are dredged from the mists of time, easily 12 years old.

Eye Q was a stoner project if ever there were one, though the bassist, Clint Bagwell, never smoked. If my memory serves correctly it featured both Sean Sutphin and David Seman on drums and the erstwhile David DiDonato rapping. The lyrics were written by David when we were in high school, and like most rap lyrics, I fear, had little to do with reality. For instance I'd never seen David bustin' caps, nor droppin' beams. These songs were recorded at "Jolly House" named after David's, Sean's and my band, the Jolly Mortals, at 1528 Floyd Avenue in the historic Fan District of Richmond.

Eye Q 1
Eye Q 2
Eye Q 3


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