Saturday, April 22, 2006

When I first moved to Richmond in 1992, I met a lot of interesting people. Being from the sticks and not so sophisticated I knew nothing about such social movements as the Riot Grrrl phenomenon. I lived in the dorms with a womyn whom we nicknamed Mary the Militant due to her outspoken detestation of the patriarchy. She's the type of girl who would put out a zine on home abortion techniques, or deconstructing why in those little welcome kits the university gives new students the girls get pink razors and the boys blue. Anyway she hooked me up with Heavens to Betsy's demo tape. It's real primitive and raw and definitely much "punker" than a lot of hardcore music I've heard. Some of you might recognize "My Secret" from the split 7" K records put out with Bratmobile on the flipside.

Never Going Back
My Secret
Baby's Gone Away


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