Saturday, April 22, 2006

After I moved to Richmond I was still eager to keep my Williamsburg roots intact (being that Williamsburg is the home of rock and roll after all) so my friend Mike Mehigan and I put out a cassette on ish west records, which was a spin off of the record label another friend, Joel Lindelof, had started up way back when. The ish tradition was one of home recording, quickly written and recorded songs, and a certain je ne sais quoi. These songs carried on in that tradition as most of them were by side-projects, a dying art form, I'm afraid. So without further ado, the Richmond side of "We're Not Dead Yet."

The Nordberg Redemption-The Chicago 7
Mechanical Parrot-Codename: Pegasus
Cream And Satan-The Vatican
Dehydra-David DiDonato
Launch Of Saturn Rocket I-Perrier And The Perrys
Sean's Interlude-Sean Sutphin


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